For Those Who Thirst For Revival


Pastor Michael Catt has written several books that will inspire and encourage you in your prayer life and in your ministry. ReFRESH: The Road to Revival and the Power series are are helpful resources while continuing your journey to revival after attending the ReFRESH® Conference.

ReFRESH: The Road to Revival by Michael Catt

Churches across America must awaken to the realization that they need a fresh touch from God. The principles presented in this study will help your church focus on the essential elements of revival: desperation, surrender, and persistence.

Refresh Bible Study Book includes a small-group experience for nine sessions as well as eight weeks of short daily individual study.


Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content
9-session workbook with group and personal component
Brief daily homework
A leader guide in the back of the book to help facilitate this experience in a group setting

Session Number:

  1. The Way Up Is Down
  2. Admitting Our Desperate Need for God
  3. When You Are Up Against the Impossible
  4. What Time Is It? It’s Later Than You Think
  5. What Keeps Us from Having Revival?
  6. The Prophetic and Profitable Work of Prayer
  7. Breakthroughs Are Possible Closing group time


Discover what’s hindering revival in your church.
Inspire your group or your entire church to seek God with renewed zeal. Learn what you should start doing (and stop doing) to lead your church to revival.

The Power of Purpose

In an age when formerly great churches struggle to survive, baptismal pools are dry and altars empty, and the church is aging, seemingly indifferent to the next generation, we are tempted to believe we have no purpose. We are tempted to give up on living the meaningful, countercultural lives to which Christ has called us, and to give in to a world that encourages us to go with the flow. How will we respond?

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul gives advice that is invaluable to the 21st century church. The Philippians were assembled in the middle of a corrupt, sensual society, fighting against the norms of the world around them. They were God’s representatives in a secular society, and they maintained a singular focus, vision, and purpose.

In The Power of Purpose, Pastor Michael Catt walks us through this letter to the Philippians, exploring how God is still calling His church, even in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century, to be his representatives. He is calling us to maintain a singular focus and vision. He is calling us to the power of purpose.

The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender sounds a clear alarm declaring the desperate need for revival in America’s church. With a storyteller’s appeal, respected pastor Michael Catt unpacks what this turnaround requires on both personal and corporate levels:

– Focus on confession and cleansing

– Making repentance and restoration a priority

– Walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and abiding in Christ

Believing that the Lord is already stirring His people to return to this message of revival, Catt writes with urgency and hope, illuminating the power of surrender to all who will let go of old ways and let God do a new work in our lives.

The Power of Persistence

Pastor Michael Catt, whose church launched the international hit films Facing the Giants and Fireproof, is often asked why God has blessed their efforts in such a remarkable way. His answer is simple: “We have a praying church that is walking in unity. We pray over every ministry and decision.”

The stories here from Scripture and the author’s personal journeys attest to the prophetic and profitable work of prayer. Richly insightful chapters on prayers of penitence, learning from the psalmist, praying for others, and praying in response to spiritual warfare foster a life-changing level of intimacy with the God who is eager to hear our cries and accomplish His work through us.

Recognizing individuals and churches are often powerless because they are prayerless– and how some prayers equate to nothing more than “worrying on our knees”– Catt offers The Power of Persistence so we can experience real breakthroughs in our prayer life.

The Power of Desperation

Does it feel like you’re barely hanging on? Hang in there. In seasons of brokenness, God has a graceful way of not tossing us aside but making us whole again, turning our most desperate situations into defining moments. It happens throughout the Bible, and maybe it’s happening to you or someone close right now.

Michael Catt has found simple yet saving wisdom in The Power of Desperation, another breakthrough concept worthy of widespread application.

“When we are weak, He is strong. In the darkest hour, He shines the brightest. In the pit, we find the bottom is solid ground,” Catt writes at the outset of a soul-stirring journey through his and other people’s hard times and renewed hopes.

Keep reading to find yourself in these engaging, remarkable stories, to realize you are never alone, and to know the Lord more intimately. Discover the power of desperation.